Frequently Asked Questions

A1 Building Removals has established this FAQ as a result of over 30 years experience in the Building Removals sector.

What’s involved in getting my house repiled?

Strictly speaking, you will need a building consent from your council. The process to repile is straightforward and depends on what you require. There are some options to partially repile, pack existing piles, or a full repile of the house. All of these options depend on the state of existing piles and your budget. We are more than happy to discuss all the options and what is required for each option.

Do I need to have my chimney removed when my house is repiled?

It is possible to not disturb the chimney, house or any other structure when repiling a house. With the use of ‘bottle jacks’, we can remove and replace piles without the need to remove the chimney. Some homeowners do decide to remove chimneys, however. If this is the case then it offers the perfect opportunity to also insulate the floor, if required, as hydraulic jacks are used to lift up the house and completely replace the piles.

If my house is repiled, how much will it disturb inside the house?

If chimneys are to be removed, we will cover everything in the room where the chimney is or, alternatively, you can move your contents to another room as required. A1 Building Movers take every precaution to protect the floor when removing chimneys.

If nothing is to be disturbed including the chimney, then using bottle jacks will mean you can live in the house as normal without any disturbance inside.

How much should I pay for a house?

It really does depend on the house and the condition it is in. A character home will be worth more than a basic house. Rule of thumb is to consider what it will cost to build the same house new versus the total cost to purchase, move onto the site, and then renovate.

I have a house for removal that I want to sell, what options are there?

Please feel free to contact us as we always know of people who are looking for houses or other buildings for removal to purchase.

What will it cost to move a house?

The cost of a house removal depends on several factors such as the overall dimensions of the house including roof height, and ease of access to the current site and the relocated site. The cost of a single move will be much cheaper than the cost of a multiple move. (This is where the house is required to be cut up into multiple pieces and/or the roof requires lowering. Certain houses with tall roofs need to be lowered to fit under power/phone lines).

It may be interesting to note that you will be surprised what locations we can remove a house from and where we can move a house to without cutting the house into pieces. For example, lifting a house over fences.

Do I need insurance?

A1 Building Movers have liability insurance in place, however, if you want total peace of mind you should feel free to purchase additional insurance from an insurance company.

How safe is it to move a boat?

Usually, the biggest concern for clients when moving boats is whether or not the boat will pick up chips from stones while being moved on the road. Stone chips can be avoided by wrapping the boat before it is moved. Most mariners have suitable lifting equipment to safely lift the boat onto and off the truck. However, should a crane be required, A1 Building Movers can organise one.

I have seen a house for removal that I like, what are the next steps?

Please feel free to contact us so that we can view the house with you, if this is possible. The team at A1 Building Movers can assist you with an idea of what the house may be worth, and what the removal may cost.

It pays to have the house inspected as most councils require a building report as part of the Resource Consent Application. We can advise you of all the requirements that go with getting the house from one site to another.

What are some of the things the council will require when moving a house?

The council where the house is to be placed will usually require a Building Consent and Resource Consent. The Resource Consent usually requires a Builders Report. If the house is to be moved close to the property boundary, then you will also need an Affected Person’s Consent.

The council of where the house is currently located will require Demolition Consent (Usually the owner of the property organises this). The council of both current and new locations can help you with this process. In most cases, your architect can organise all of this with little effort and A1 Building Movers is also happy to assist wherever possible.

Please note, some councils require a Bond in case there is damage to curb crossings and also to encourage restoring the property quickly. The Bond may be for several thousand dollars which will not be released until all external work is complete on the house; for example baseboards, exterior painted, gutters/downpipes, roof is sound. Most councils will accept a bank bond.

Should I use an architect?

We recommend using an architect and are happy to make recommendations to you. An architect can organise all the required plans and will know the relevant legal requirements with the councils (They will know of additional standards or regulations pertaining to additional work required for the house to meet new building codes in the area, such as insulation), and can also organise a builders report and relevant services, if required. Architects may delegate these tasks to your builder if you choose to use one.

Should I use a builder?

Depending on what work, if any, needs to be done to the house once it has been moved, you may require a builder to do this work. A builder will know the relevant tradespeople you may need to use in order to get the house habitable.

It is important to consider the following points:
– Stairs and decks
– Replace the floor where there was concrete, for example where a fireplace was located
– Making any required structural changes
– Replacing any parts that have rotted
– Install insulation
– Updating anything that may be dated, such as gib for scrim walls, new kitchens or bathrooms. It helps to organise any tasks that need doing, with the architect in case it is required as part of the building consent.

What tradespeople may I need to use before removing the building?

Before the building is moved off its existing site, some things need to be organised, such as disconnecting the power (An electrician and notice to the current retail power supplier), phone line (Spark), sewer, water, and storm water (Plumber). These will be listed as part of the demolition consent conditions.

What tradespeople may I need to have a completed building on my new site?

Ideally, this would be best if done before the move so you can have a completed project in a timely manner. In some cases, the tradesperson may want to do work on the house before it is lowered, for example a plumber doing a pipe fit out.

If the building requires a lot of renovation, then you will require many trades to complete the house, but usually your builder can organise these for you. In some cases, you can organise a quote for all work to be done, and your builder will include all the work in their price. The most likely trades to be required are a plumber, electrician and builder.

It all sounds like a lot of hard work, is it worth it?

With some planning, time and effort, it can be very rewarding financially and personally. It makes sense to give A1 Building Movers a call and to talk to us before you begin a project like this. Our advice may save you heartache later.

If you can purchase the house at a good price to start with, then it can be fairly inexpensive to enter your first home, your dream house, or to start your investment portfolio off. If everything is well planned, you may be surprised at just how quick it is too.

Do you install insulation?

A1 Building Movers are happy to install insulation for you when the building is on site. We would also discuss the various options available to you, as well as their costs. It makes sense to at least install underfloor insulation as well as insulation in the ceiling space and is easy to do prior to the building being lowered onto its piles.

A1 Building Movers Ltd has over 40 years experience in the trade of house removal.


Dave has a reputation of being the guy who will tackle the 'too hard basket' jobs without fuss and make them look easy. Before using Dave I had heard this from multiple people within his industry.

Dave and his crew did a flawless job moving my house. I look forward to working with Dave and his crew again. 

Toby Tait-Jamieson

Dear Dave and A1 House Movers team, I wanted to write to you and thank you for all you did in managing our house move to Mahia.

Dave you were great to deal with and our builder thinks you are the best house movers around! We are thrilled with your work and wanted to write a personal thank you.

All the best to you all, Annette, Greg, Daniel and Holly Brosnan.

We have used the services of Dave and his team from A1 Building movers recently to move several Lockwood homes as a turnkey operation. One move in particular was very complicated, with a large, long and high load which Dave was able to move in 2 loads instead of at least 3, thus saving us time and money.

The moves were executed professionally and punctually at a reasonable cost. Dave and his team are hard working and do not let up until the job is completed. A real "can-do" attitude. I would confidently recommend Dave and his crew, with their passion and expertise, to anyone wishing to move a house.

Yours Sincerely

Roger Allsopp
Waikato Regional Manager | PHONE 07 347 7691

I just want to thank you for your energy, commitment, experience and eye for detail that you and your team displayed when re leveling our family home.

While not necessarily challenging, there was a constant stream of unexpected issues that popped up (documentation discrepancies and geotechnical variations). This was complicated by the fact that you were working in Christchurch - a long way from home. Thank you for keeping the project moving.

All the best