Repiling or New Piles

Repiling is the replacement of rotted or defective piles which cause structural damage to your home.

Repiling can entail re-levelling of the floor area and could involve the replacement of sub-floor timber and floorboards.

When your house, or building, is moved onto a new site we can repile it to council specifications. This will, however, need building consent from the council. The process to repile depends on your specific requirements. There are some options to partially repile, pack existing piles, or a full repile of your house. All of these options depend on the state of existing piles and your budget.

A1 Building Movers are more than happy to advise you on all options available and the requirements for each option. Our expert advice will simplify the tricky decisions for you.

A1 Building Movers Ltd has over 30 years experience in the trade of house removal.


We have used the services of Dave and his team from A1 Building movers recently to move several Lockwood homes as a turnkey operation. One move in particular was very complicated, with a large, long and high load which Dave was able to move in 2 loads instead of at least 3, thus saving us time and money.

The moves were executed professionally and punctually at a reasonable cost. Dave and his team are hard working and do not let up until the job is completed. A real "can-do" attitude. I would confidently recommend Dave and his crew, with their passion and expertise, to anyone wishing to move a house.

Yours Sincerely

Roger Allsopp
Waikato Regional Manager | PHONE 07 347 7691

I just want to thank you for your energy, commitment, experience and eye for detail that you and your team displayed when re leveling our family home. While not necessarily challenging, there was a constant stream of unexpected issues that popped up (documentation discrepancies and geotechincal variations). This was complicated by the fact that you were working in Christchurch - a long way from home. Thank you for keeping the project moving.
All the best